2015 Open Studios by Leslie Fandrich

OCAC Open Studio Tour
South Central Orange County
Saturday Oct. 24th and
Sunday Oct. 25th, 2015
11 am - 5 pm

Once again I am excited to participate in the Orange County Arts Council Open Studio Tour. I will be opening my studio to the public the weekend of October 24th and 25th and inviting art lovers in to see the work I have produced over the last year, as well as new work that I have been experimenting with.

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Mark Bradford at The Whitney by Leslie Fandrich

It was the perfect Birthday present. Amazing art in a beautiful new building with my husband and kiddos. It was glorious. The work there for the inaugural show "America is Hard to See" is outstanding and more inclusive of women and minorities than ever before. So much good work to see. 

This piece by Mark Bradford is so exciting to me. It's paper he found on the street and collaged into this intricate map of colors and textures. I aspire to create something this great and I'm very interested in the endless layering of paper and the sanding down of it to reveal interesting combinations and relationships.

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"Finding Power" at Gallery 66 NY by Leslie Fandrich

July 3 - August 2, 2015

Gallery 66 NY - New works by Leslie Fandrich
66 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY
Hours: Thur-Sun, noon - 6pm

For the month of July I am showing new work at Gallery 66 NY in Cold Spring, NY. The title of the Show is "Finding Power: Women of Courage, Passion and Character"

Please join me for the opening on July 3rd from 6pm - 9pm. I will also be at the gallery July 12th and 19th if you would like to stop by then.

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The Kingdom of Hawaii by Leslie Fandrich

Hawaii is a place of raw energy. It is filled with beautiful, friendly people. We saw symbols everywhere: caves, waterfalls, islands, turtles, whales, snails, an eclipse, mountains, valleys and rainbows. We walked on earth that was younger than we were. It is a place of destruction and creation and we went there looking for a place to do a little healing together.

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Hilo from the Bay (1852) by Leslie Fandrich

My website will be quiet for the next couple of weeks while I take some time off to stand in the painting above with my family and remember my Mom, who died from cancer almost a year ago. Before she died she told us to go here together, so we are. On the anniversary of her death, April 11th, I will be somewhere near this beautiful place letting her ashes blow into the wind.

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Building a Home Library by Leslie Fandrich

Oh how I love books. Nothing fills me with more calm and contentedness than a book. To settle in and read a good story is bliss and to have in my hand all the answers to whatever it is I am trying to learn about makes me feel confident and in control. My husband has observed that anytime I get serious about something, I buy a book about it. I have a lot of books.

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A Collage State of Mind by Leslie Fandrich

I'm in a collage state of mind lately. All of a sudden, it seems to be everywhere! Collage is my go-to method for creating quick compositions and keeping the creativity fresh. It's the way I have fun and play and it's something I often do in my sketchbook. This week though, I've been working a bit bigger in anticipation of a local collage workshop I'll be doing soon. Jonathan Talbot teaches a method for creating collages that eliminates liquid adhesives and I can't wait to learn about it.

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Creative Block: Book Review by Leslie Fandrich

I'm so excited to share this book with you! You might remember the author, Danielle Krysa, from the profile I did on her in October of last year. Her new book Creative Block is available pretty much everywhere starting TODAY and what an amazing book it is. Filled with stories, confessions, art and inspiration from 50 different fabulous artists, in it's pages you will discover many insights and strategies on how to deal with creative blocks.

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Lisa Zukowski: Deep Meaning by Leslie Fandrich

I first met Lisa during the Open Studio Tour last Fall. When I walked into her space I was in awe, not only of the work that I saw, hanging from the ceiling, covering all the walls and stacked in piles, but also of where it was made. Her studio is a dream space. It's huge (even though she says, "Not big enough, never big enough!") and she has separate areas for painting and printmaking.

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66 Women Artists You Should Know by Leslie Fandrich

In art school we learned about classic artists and "masters", art movements and art history, but somehow only a few women got into the textbooks and lectures. "The Masters" were mostly men. It wasn't because of lack of talent, women just didn't have the same opportunities or support. The ones who persevered can stand just as tall as any of the men creating work at the same time. These ladies rock.

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