I Want My Cable TV / by Leslie

Over the summer Chris and I canceled our full cable package, excited by the thought that without TV we would be inspired to be more creative and do more projects. We were over the summer and rarely turned the TV on, but we still have basic cable and over the last couple of months I've been finding that I have actually been watching more TV than I did last year when we had all the channels. Somehow I got hooked on a few shows this fall. On Tuesday nights I watch the Amazing Race, Wednesdays Chris and I watch E-Ring with Dennis Hopper and then I watch Martha's Apprentice. Thursday I watch Survivor and CSI. It must be my hibernation cycle setting in early because of the rain and cold weather, I just can't get out from under my warm blanket on the couch. But, perhaps the real reason is similar to the basic economic law of supply and demand. Since the supply is so low, I'm demanding more of it. Strange but true.