Mini Leslie or Chris / by Leslie

We are finally finished the first trimester and can tell the world that I'm 3 months pregnant! Above is the ultrasound from last week, very clearly showing a 2 inch human in my belly. During the ultrasound we watched the baby wiggle and stretch and heard it's heart pounding at 162 beats per minute. I am due on May 26th, I have not had any morning sickness and I am not yet showing.

Get ready for a mini Leslie or Chris dressed in cool outfits and playing with European toys. There will be no duckies or pink and blue teddy bears in this house. Just the same way that I hate kleenex box patterns and the designs on paper towels, I will avoid generic baby patterns at all costs and seek out modern, simple, elegant, functional designs that I would buy for myself. The following are designer and rock star approved stores and products:

Dwell Studio Baby Bedding: Very colorful, geometric and nature-inspired prints are the center of this line of crib sets which include a reversible quilt, reversible bumper, fitted sheet, and a crib skirt.

Modern Nursery: "Modern Nursery features essentials for modern living from the World's finest baby designers... Featuring everything from modern baby-kids nursery furniture and modern baby toys to modern baby crib bedding, we even try to sneak in some modern stuff for grown-ups too!"

Bugaboo Stroller: If you have a designer friend with a baby, you have probably heard of this innovative stroller that debuted in Holland in 1999. It's expensive, but will last from birth to about 4 years and should be the only stroller you ever need to buy. It is incredibly well made, relatively light, easy to maneuver and it is simple to change the configuration and to open and close. The only complaint I have heard is that there isn't a drink holder.

Kid O: Modern toy store filled with well-made toys that are often made from wood and designed for creative, open-ended play to encourage kids to make things up for themselves and learn independance.

Tea Collection: Casual, comfortable, colorful clothes for newborns, toddlers and young children.

The Oeuf Crib: This is the only crib that I have seen that actually converts into a normal looking toddler bed.

Svan of Sweden: We love the way this high chair looks and it also converts to a toddler chair.

Stay tuned for more! This is such an adventure and there are so many things to learn about and decide, that I will have much to talk about in the coming months.