Dia: Beacon / by Leslie

On November 26 Chris and I met a friend at the Dia Art Center upstate in Beacon, NY. The drive was beautiful and it was wonderful to go to an large art gallery without having to be in New York dealing with the traffic and all the people.

One the way we saw a couple of cool castles and would like to go back and check them out. There was Bannerman Castle right along Highway 9D just north of Cold Spring on a small island in the Hudson River. They apparently give tours of the place and Chris and I are itching to go. We love the mystery and creepiness of an old abandoned building. We also spotted a turreted castle high on the hill overlooking Garrison and the Hudson Valley. After a little investigating online we think it is called Castle Rock. When we drove by at night we saw lights and wondered if someone was living there, and if there was a way we could hike up
close to it. There is a Castle Rock Unique Area listed on line, and I think it's the same place and it looks like there is a hiking trail we could take. The question is how close to the building can we get? There are other old ruins in the Hudson Valley and maybe in the summer we will start looking for some more.

At the gallery, one of our favorites was "Dia's Andy" which included Andy Warhol's shadow prints that circled a huge room, his skull prints and his Washington Monument wallpaper. Another favorite was Richard Serra's Torqued Ellipses, this was our second time seeing them and they are truly experiential art. They felt different this time because the room was darker and noisier. I felt fear going around corners and entering spaces. It was breath-taking. We also really enjoyed Donald Judd's boxes and imagined making our own furniture out of the high-grade plywood that he used. The texture and wood grain was beautiful.

We are looking forward to returning some day, we didn't see the basement at all and breezed by a few installations that we could have spent more time with.

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