Just For Me / by Leslie

I started knitting. I know it's kind of cliche, a stay-at-home Mom knitting everyone scarves, but so far I'm really enjoying it (partly because it has nothing to do with a computer). I learned how to knit the basic pearl stitch from my Mom (I think) and I always wanted to knit fabulous things, but I would get bored and discouraged by how long it seemed to take. I finally figured out what works best for me: big needles and big colorful yarn. It goes super fast and it's loose and fun. I made a gorgeous blue-gray scarf in just 5 days without really trying and I am working on my second in hot pink. I have it in my head that I could sell these, but I don't want to pressure myself with producing a large volume until I am sure I won't get tired of it. Chris was as surprised as I was that I knew how to knit. It took me a bit of thinking to remember how to "cast-on" and I had to look up "casting-off" on line, but I think my first real knitted garment is really cool.

Last week I also joined the local YWCA and started going to the pool for lap swimming. It's a great way to exercise and for me it's also very relaxing and meditative to swim on my back, stare at the ceiling tiles and listen to sounds under the water. The only weird thing was that a giant man asked me how I was swimming on my back. Huh? I just stared at him, shocked that he was actually talking to me, and surprised by his ridiculous question. He said, what do you do with your hands? I showed him and then moved to the other side of the pool. Was this a lame come-on, or did he really not know? I'm not sure which is weirder. I will also be taking some fitness classes during the day that I can bring the baby to, and I will hopefully meet some other Moms in the area.