“Ah! lève-toi, soleil!” / by Leslie

RomeojulietteLast night Chris and I went to see Guy Joosten’s new Metropolitan Opera production of Romeo and Juliette. It was amazing. It is, of course, a very familiar story and we saw the ballet of it the night that Chris proposed to me. The opera was a wonderful change. The stage set, designed by Johannes Leiacker, was elegant and beautiful with a celestial theme. There was a large circular video screen for the backdrop that showed images of space, the moon and the sun to set the time of day and mood. The set right after intermission, at the beginning of the fourth act, is simply breathtaking. Romeo and Juliette appear to be in a dream-scape with stars and a floating bed with billowing sheets that drew applause from the audience immediately. The singing was also beautiful and while opera can sometimes be a little bit over-the-top for me, this had the right balance of flare and simplicity. There are only 2 more performances, so if you are in the city and you like this kind of thing, I recommend that you try to go.