Sorting Through the Junk / by Leslie

To prepare for you know who, Chris and I have been busy rearranging the house and getting organized. Bags and bags of stuff have been purged from this house over the last six months. Hundreds of dollars have been made on Ebay. Papers have been consolidated, sorted and re-filed. Cards written in 1992 have been re-read, shared and put in a new box. Old wallpaper has been found behind the radiator, marveled at, then thrown away. Objects have been considered; junk or treasure? trash or donation? valuable or worthless?

It's easy in a house with plenty of room to let things pile up. Have you ever watched Clean Sweep on TLC? It amazes me what people keep and how they let their junk take over the space so they can't even use it anymore. I like to collect stuff, but I can recognize junk when I see it and toss it out if I don't use it or need it. I love the moment on the show when it becomes emotional. The host always says at some point "It's not about the stuff, it's about your relationship." He's very serious. Someone usually cries and then there is a revelation and a group hug. And there it is, sorting through your junk and getting rid of stuff is good therapy.

In our case it's preparing us physically, but also mentally, for this big change in our lives. Not only are we making room for this new person in our house, but we are reviewing the past and looking ahead to the future. It's pretty amazing actually. I am even considering getting a fireproof safe to store things that I wouldn't want to lose, things that I want the baby to have, papers and photos that document our history.

So it is not only with an empty, freshly painted room, new furniture and lots of empty shelves that we welcome this new person to start adding to the stuff, but it is also with a clear look at ourselves and an understanding of who we are and what we want to teach our children to value.