Send my Cousin to France! Support Canadian Film Shorts! / by Leslie

My cousin Luke, a film student in Regina, Saskatchewan has been selected as a finalist in a National Film Board of Canada contest to "Make Shorts, Not War". We are trying to send him on an all expenses paid trip to France this summer to act as an official videographer for the Canadian youth delegation attending the 90th anniversary ceremony of the Battle of the Somme. [Post edited to remove voting information since the contest is now over.]

"A Chill in the Air is a poetic documentary exploring changes of seasons in comparison to the recovery after war. Nature undergoes regular cycles of loss and renewal. In war, we need to believe that those who sacrificed their lives did so not in vain, but for future generations.

Luke Fandrich, 21, is a third year film production major at the University of Regina. He started writing short stories at the age of 12, when he discovered his passion for filmmaking and bought his first video camera. Self-taught, he explored as many facets of production as possible with projects ranging from animation to experimental to documentary and comedy. University taught him the basics and opened up the world of film; however, his greatest achievements have been made personally. Still learning new ways to express himself with each project, he continues to push himself to expand on old ideas with each project. Not knowing where movie-making may take him, he’s just enjoying the experience."

I am so proud of my cousin and look forward to seeing his career develop once he graduates. It's a Christmas tradition in my family to view his new projects and over the years I've seen him trying new things and steadily improving. The short film for this contest is one of my favorites, besides the family ones that he has done, and I love the genre title "poetic documentary".

Good luck Luke!