Growing Up Modern / by Leslie

Check out the New York magazine article "Up With Grups". I suppose that Chris and I fit into this stereotype and it was interesting to read about others who approach life and having a family in some of the same ways that we do. Though we don't buy jeans designed to fall apart and view our kids as accessories, we did go see Death Cab for Cutie play in the city and have recently been gifted The Ramones and Blondie onesies for our baby. I guess what we liked best about the article was the idea that we aren't going to change much just because we are having kids. Rather than let our child take over our lives he will simply be an addition that will fit in just perfectly with how we do things.

I'm sure as he gets older he will be introducing us to things that he learns from friends as much as we are teaching things to him, but hopefully it won't be Barney, ridiculous music and waking up at 5am. I figure if we can find things that are better, he won't even know the difference. Who wouldn't want to stay in pajama's all day in bed watching Totoro, or do a kids program at the MoMA and then check out interesting music in Central Park?

Chris and I have talked about this before, so it was encouraging to read about people who are doing it too and are managing to raise kids that they like to spend time with, that have a unique sense of self and who may or may not grow up to be like us.