5 Weeks To Go and Counting!! (That's only 35 more days!) / by Leslie

We had our Brooklyn baby shower. We had such a great time with all our friends and got some really cool gifts. We played a funny game called "Baby's Coming Bingo". We had to find words like "nipple", "dribbling" and "baby bunting".

It was my last day of work today and I am really looking forward to focusing on baby things, getting my body and mind ready and resting over the next few weeks. I really feel like I am in the home stretch now with work behind me for now and motherhood ahead.

My Mom is coming to visit on Friday and I am so excited that she is coming for a few days and that she gets to rub my belly. It will be nice to share this with her. I saw her last at Christmas when I was just barely showing. She will also get to come to my New Jersey shower on Sunday and revel in her first-time grandma-to-be status.

The baby's room is coming together. We were gifted our dream crib, the Oeuf and the matching dresser/changing table, that's Chris in the photo above putting it together. Instead of a traditional rug we got carpet tiles and created a patchwork area rug with different colored pieces. We also got Dwell's Robin motif crib bedding and our dream stroller, also a gift, the Bugaboo. There are tiny clothes in the closet and we moved the big IKEA shelf from the living room and filled it with books, toys and dolls.

We still have some critical things to do, like pack for the hospital, wash all the clothes and blankets, find a decent rocking chair, fill out hospital & insurance paperwork, write out our birth plan, get blinds for the windows, take our hypnobirthing classes, install the car seat and get lighting and artwork for the baby's room. I will be working on these things in the next 2 weeks so they all should be done very soon in case anything happens early.

We are almost there! It's time to meet this kid! Stay tuned.