Recent Good Things (in no particular order) / by Leslie

Stylish Sweatpants by Victoria's Secret.

The delicious Chicken Melt at Kevin's Thyme in Ho Ho Kus.

Panang Curry at Ridge Thai in Ridgewood.

Nothing beats the fresh foods at Whole Foods, and I am particularly in love with the new separate Whole Body shop that just opened in Ridgewood.

Magazine Subscriptions: Child, Cookie, Dwell, Eye and Interior Design.

Cheap cool clothes for kids at Old Navy.

In the garden: Rhododendrons (flowering evergreen bush), Clematis (flowering vine) and Dahlias (in pots).

The Container Store.

Shining City on Broadway.

Turkey Hill Green Tea with ginseng and honey.

Luella Cherry-Print Pancake bag.

Planet of the Apes box set.

A bunch of new books and music.

The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel (thanks Leila). Cesar Millan is the king of dogs.

Walking with the dogs at Ramapo Reservation.

Love True Blue stamps from the US postal service.

Survivor and CSI on Thursdays.