More Milo / by Leslie

Milo has been with us for a week. Each day he changes. He's getting chubby, he's sleeping longer, he's awake longer, he eats more and he fills his diaper more.

It's been a week and we are still in awe of simply his presence in our lives. In some ways we feel like we haven't had a chance to breathe and just process everything that's happened, we've been on auto-pilot just taking care of things as they come up. The good thing though is that so far it hasn't really felt hard or over-whelming, it's just a different routine with different priorities.

We think he is just the greatest though. The way he smells, the chirping noises that he makes, his crossed-eyed blurry stare, how floppy he is in a milk-coma, his charming two dimple smiles when he sleeps, the happy look on his face when I pick him up, the way he bobs his head when he is hungry, how easily we can calm him down after something distressing like a diaper change. I even think the things that are not so great are great. When he cries I feel so bad for him, but I like to hear the sound of his voice. When he wakes me up in the middle of the night to eat I feel so lucky and happy to get to  cuddle with him. It's been fun this week, getting to know him and figure out how he fits into our lives.

Fun things we have done with Milo:
- Listened to static on the radio to calm him down
- Walked laps around the house to get him to sleep
- Napped all together in our bed
- Gone for a drive to Dairy Queen (Dilly bars are good for my milk aren't they?), the hospital (for his hearing test which checked out fine), the pediatrician ("He's gained weight already!!?), the midwives (Did you really get to the hospital fully dilated?) and Babies R Us (He stayed in the car with Chris to avoid all the germy kids).
- Stared into his eyes and wondered about the future
- Played the guitar for him
- Kissed, nibbled and smelled him
- Examined him for marks (there are none)
- Sponge bathed him
- Dressed him in cute outfits