Growing So Fast You Can Almost See It Happening / by Leslie

At Milo's one month pediatrician appointment the nurse had to measure him twice because she didn't believe she got it right the first time. At a little more than 4 weeks he has gained 4 lbs since leaving the hospital and has grown an amazing 2 inches in height and 3.5 cm in the diameter of his head. (According to Dr. Sears that's twice the average!) He is now 11 lbs and 3 oz, 22 inches long and has a 38.5 cm head diameter. I'm not sure why they measure his head in metric but that's how they do it. He's almost grown out of the 0-3 month clothes and will be wearing the 3-6 month stuff soon.

The doctor also gave us some medicine for reflux, which he thinks Milo has. He doesn't spit up a lot but he's had a couple severe crying episodes during and after breastfeeding and would not stay latched on. It sounded like a painful cry and on Wednesday night it kept both Chris and I up from 11pm till 5 am and at one point had me crying with him. He's taking Pepcid twice a day and it seems to be helping. I had really bad heartburn during the pregnancy and the doc said that 60% of babies that had mothers with heartburn during pregnancy have reflux.

He has also started smiling at us occasionally for a few seconds here and there, and it's great to see those wonderful smiles we saw when he was sleeping, turn into smiles when he is awake in reaction to our face or our voice. He has the head control of a two month old as well and has very strong legs that he uses all the time.

He's pretty content on his own sometimes to just look around while sitting in his bouncing chair or laying in his crib, though after 15-20 minutes he wants a hug. He tracks toys with his eyes occasionally but not consistently and he's already got a favorite lullaby CD to fall asleep to, it works every time. The other things that he likes are being swaddled and held close in the baby wrap and bouncing in our arms or on the excercise ball, those can both put him to sleep or calm him from crying. He will also stop crying if you turn on the hair dryer and put it near his ear.