Seeking Inspiration / by Leslie

So, I've been a full time Mum for 9 months now and it's been difficult for me to find inspiration in anything other than what Milo is doing. I feel like it's all about him, and rightly so, somehow the things that once seemed so important now often feel trivial. But it is important for me to keep up with professional and artistic endeavors, and to that end I started a collage of inspiration on my office wall. 

I've also started writing in a book that my sister Jill got me for Christmas. I don't really keep a diary, other than what you see on this site, and it's too nice for daily lists and things to do, so I've decided that, like it's cover says, I will use it to imagine and dream about the future. Anything that is a big dream, unlimited by money or other constraints, will go in this book. I would like to plan a dream home and a dream vacation and also think about my professional aspirations, personal goals and family values.

We'll see if anything good comes out of it, but I do find that it helps me to have places to focus ideas that may be bubbling around my head. Now, to find the time to make my dreams reality!