Moving On Upstate / by Leslie

How boring. I haven't updated in so long! The last five weeks must have been my busiest yet. First, Milo and I visited my family in Canada. It was a great trip, though quick, and Milo once again traveled very well and charmed everyone he met. I was worried about traveling alone with him, but it went very well. 

When I got back Chris and I finally made the decision to move! It's something that we have talked about for years, we want more privacy and a bigger house. Now is the time to do it, before I go back to work and before we have more kids. We are looking at a town in New York state called Warwick, in Orange County. It's way more affordable than where we are now, because it is another 40 minutes away from the city, and it has more space and a more laid back country lifestyle. Here in Ridgewood we tend to feel a little crowded with a small back yard and neighbors that are very close.

We couldn't be more excited, but right now are in the middle of preparing our house to put on the market and it's a lot of work. We plan to list it this Friday and in the meantime we are packing up a POD with all our extra stuff that we don't need on a daily basis, painting all our crazy colored walls a lovely shade of tan, and tearing down the race track in the basement.


 Now, onto the whirlwind that is Milo these days. He is almost walking, he can cruise around on the furniture extremely well and lets go and stands on his own often. He is very fast and likes to get into everything. It's difficult to get anything done when he is around. If you take your eyes off him for one minute the next time you turn around he is eating paper, pulling on cords, rolling the toilet paper off the roll, throwing his clothes out of his drawers, crawling after the dogs, trying grab my coffee cup, reaching up to try to open the door, opening and closing cupboard doors, banging pots and pans, spilling the dog's water dish... the list goes on. It's great how curious and active he is though. I try to let him explore and  do things on his own as long as he isn't hurting himself or breaking anything, but inevitably those things do happen. Now that the weather is nice we have been going outside and he's getting into the dirt and getting scratches everywhere and really living it up outside. He loves it.


He can also crawl all the way up the stairs by himself and knows to turn around and go down backwards at the top. He loves to eat fresh vegetables like cucumbers with dill and tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, little pieces of buttered toast, grapes, mango and pineapple. I found out at his last check-up though that I wasn't supposed to give him eggs until he was one year old because they are allergenic. Oops! He loves them though and it's a quick and easy meal at anytime. I gave up on cooking complicated dishes for him, he's into simple finger foods that he can feed himself, so why bother with the trouble only to have him not eat it. I think it's probably better anyway to put a few piles of fresh food in front of him and let him pick what he wants to eat.