At The Beach / by Leslie

At_the_beach2We got home from Cape Cod last Friday night at 2am after driving all night. We planned most of the five and a half hour drive to occur at night so that Milo slept through most of it. It worked out pretty well, we left for the trip at 4:30 am and made it 3 hours before having to stop at a Cracker Barrel to have breakfast and get Milo changed out of pajamas. After the hour and half pit stop we got back on the road and after 45 minutes of needing to be entertained, he fell asleep for his morning nap and slept the rest of the way to the Cape. We arrived at the Wequassett Resort around noon and hung out at our pool cabana until we could check into our room at 3:30 pm.

Nauset Beach was fun the two times that we went with intense waves and beautiful sand. Milo loved chasing the waves with me and was happily shocked when they would wash over his legs while standing next to me. He loved playing with all the older boys, even though he often got in their way and sometimes destroyed their sand castles. We saw fighter jets flying over the ocean from Otis Air Force Base and wished we could stay another day to go to the air show.

We ate great food at the resort and even got a home cooked meal at Gloria's rental house. Shopping in Chatham was fun in the mornings and during the occasional cloudy afternoon. Maddy spoiled me with some wonderful fall clothes and I could finally fit into size 30 jeans! We also toured a 5 bedroom, 3.5 million dollar house for sale with incredible water views and pretended that we could all buy it as a second home for the family to vacation at.

Milo charmed people at the hotel so much that when we walked around people would say, "Hi Milo!" to him and just smile at us. He had a few leaps of understanding while there, one morning he lifted up his breakfast plate with both hands, passed it to me and said "Ahhh Duuun". Chris and I were shocked, he seemed so grown up! He's also getting very good at understanding directions and would take rocks and shells to particular people if we asked him. He also had a low point when he violently threw up all over me (and my new outfit) in the car on the way to a nice dinner. We were worried he had food poisoning after a second episode when we got back to the room, so we called our pediatrician and located a 24 hour pharmacy just in case. He slept well that night though and woke up feeling fine. 

It was a great week spending time with Chris's family and introducing Milo to the beach.