Milo & Quinn at One Month Old / by Leslie


Quinn is one month old today and I took some photos of him dressed the same as Milo when he was one month. They look a lot a like, but I also see all the little differences! Milo is on the left and Quinn is on the right.

The last month has been a whirlwind! I can't even believe it is Fall and a month has gone by and Quinn has gained 4 lbs! He's getting little fat rolls already on his legs and his cheeks are so chubby! He's looking us in the eyes more, and just starting to grin a little bit. He's a good baby, mostly very calm and relaxed. He seems to like to sleep and so far doesn't have the reflux that made Milo's first few months difficult. We look in the back seat of the car and are surprised to find 2 car seats and everything takes twice as long, not to mention the double diaper duty! We totally look forward to seeing the boys grow up together and become pals. When we drive by the horse stables Milo will say, "Wook, Baby! A barn and Bob!" (Bob is a horse that lives there.) It's so cute. Milo calls Quinn "Kin" and he calls himself "Mo-Mo", he can't do the L's yet. Life is fun.