Quinn is 3 months old / by Leslie


Wow. Kids grow so fast, don't they? Quinn is now 3 months and he is such a different baby! He's gained almost 10 lbs and has grown almost 5 inches. He's wearing 6-9 month clothes and he has the chubbiest cheeks and legs. It's so cute. He's a great baby, sleeping sometimes 6 hours straight at night. And during the day he will sometimes have a few hour or more naps. He's nursing much better and will take a bottle of pumped milk if I need to leave him for more than an hour. He's alert and loves to chatter at me, make all sorts of cute noises and giggles. He loves to watch Milo and if Milo runs around in circles around him, he will turn his head anticipating Milo coming around the other side. He is usually pretty easy to comfort and seems to be a very content baby.