A Second Pregnancy. The Same, but Different. / by Leslie

I realized the other day that I had not written very much about my second pregnancy on this site! I've been forcing myself to write about it in the journal that I bought, but it's been difficult to find unique experiences and new revelations to write about. I keep reading back in the journal I kept when I was pregnant with Milo and thinking, yeah - that's the same... nothing new here.

But while the pregnancy itself is much the same, the circumstances are certainly different. Instead of working, I am a stay-at-home Mom who is surprisingly busier than I was before. It's hard to focus on a pregnancy when there is a two year old running around! We are also living in a different house, which is more relaxing and peaceful and this is where we have decided to deliver the baby. Choosing a home birth was a natural next step for us after Milo's birth, but many people are still completely shocked by our decision.

I think the biggest thing that is different this time around is how fast it's going! The first time around I was counting the days and reading about every tiny development, this time it's going by in weeks and I'm lucky if I read about how baby is growing once a month! Here I am, 7 months in, and I can't believe we will have a new little baby with us in just 10 weeks.

I suppose a lot of it is that because I educated myself so much the first time around, this time I am able to be more intuitive about it. I would like to brush up on stuff for the birth though. I'd like to practice the hypnobirthing techniques and positions for labor that will help me get through everything.

Imagining how I am going to manage 2 kids has been in my thoughts a lot! Milo in a stroller, baby in a sling... baby in a stroller, Milo walking... Baby in the crib, Milo in a big bed... Milo in a booster seat, baby in the high chair... Oooo, it's going to be interesting! We switched bedrooms to make room for the baby too, and now baby has his own closet and there is room for both Milo's big bed and the crib in the same room.

So, we are fast coming upon mid-September, when the baby is due. I can't wait to see what he looks like, and to see how similar or different he is compared to Milo. I can't wait to see Milo bond with him. And I am looking forward to that newborn stage again! It really is fleeting.