Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat / by Leslie


I was very impressed with the Medalta Potteries tour in Medicine Hat during our recent trip. Maybe it was the warm weather, or maybe I am in a different place, but I really enjoyed the city and perhaps saw it through rose colored glasses for the first time since I was a teenager. Visiting Medalta was a big part of that and I'm so happy to see a historic district that celebrates some very interesting history. The renovation plans for the factories are well designed and thought out and I was proud of the fact that I bought some dishes a few years back for a fraction of the cost that they were being sold for in the gift shop. If I lived in Medicine Hat, I'd be trawling the garage sales and collecting any ceramic pieces I could find. There might not be a huge demand for the utilitarian pieces yet, but there soon might be.


I own a set of dishes in the style that is displayed in the right bottom corner of the photo above. The design is based on the toy Pick-up-Sticks.


The beehive kilns in the photo below were very cool. They used plentiful Alberta natural gas to fire the ceramics.