My Highschool Mixed Tapes: Alternative Rock (1985–1989) / by Leslie

I discovered a box of old cassette tapes. Remember those? Ah, the mixed tape. A lost art. The flow of one song to another, the timing, the stopping and starting, ending a side without cutting off a song or leaving too much dead space, the cover art, the giving and the receiving. It was a special thing, but I can't play them anymore. So sad. Happily though, most of my favorite songs are now on YouTube so I wanted to pull my favorite songs from the tapes and group them into a few genre-based posts.


These songs take me back to the beginning of high school. I was 14 and I started brooding, but I still enjoyed my Art and English classes. My new wardrobe included Doc Martens, knee high black socks, ripped jean shorts, plaid shirts and a leather jacket. I had short blond hair and I had a super crush on a boy with a mohawk. I was an aspiring punk but I had a lot to learn. For now I was just "alternative". I eased into the scene with the gentler music, the pop music, the sweet stuff. 

Stay tuned for more posts in this series. I can't wait to do an epic punk post, throw together some electronic new wave and also a totally crying-in-my-bedroom moody one. This stuff is so nostalgic for me, some of it makes my heart pound just thinking of the angst that I was feeling while listening to it. But it was also so inspiring, putting to words the things that I felt, the energy that I had, the dreams that were forming.


Pixies - Where is My Mind?


Eat - Mr. and Mrs. Smack


The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey


Husker Du - She Floated Away


The Cure - Lullaby


The Fall - New Big Prinz


The Sugarcubes - Cold Sweat

Felt - Primitive Painters