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Well, talk about a vacation! This blog has been inactive for about a year and a half. Apparently I have had no free time to reflect on my life since Quinn was 4 months old. It wasn't a conscious decision, I kept wanting to post, but I just couldn't make the time or find the words.

Quinn is now 20 months and Milo is turning four this month and things seem to be getting back to a point where I am not totally drained by my kids. That's kind of how I have felt for the last year. Every second of every day I am feeding, dressing, cleaning, playing, driving, disciplining, nursing, cuddling, reading, helping and otherwise taking care of my boys. I'm not complaining, I love them more than anything, but all my time and energy was being consumed by just caring for them and I didn't have a whole lot of time to be reporting on it.

Now I have longer periods where I can get things done. They can play together now, I am leaving them with a babysitter for one afternoon a week, and it's easier for Chris to take them to the park on the weekends now that Quinn is bigger and the weather is warmer.

I'm looking forward to writing again. I've been inspired lately and I feel like I have some things to say again.

So, here we go.

First, here are the objects of my affection, Milo and Quinn.


They are messy, muddy, rough and tumble boys covered in bruises and scratches. They love to be outside and I think this summer will be spent mostly at the park, or in the backyard, or going for hikes. Milo is almost done his first year of preschool and has grown and matured into such an amazing little boy since his brother was born. Quinn is charming and affectionate but also has a devilish side and looks for trouble. They are learning how to play together, Quinn tends to steal toys and wreck whatever Milo is building, so we've been working on Milo being patient and trying to teach Quinn to help Milo build and give his toys back. They are my life and most of what I have to say revolves around them, so parenting is an obvious focus here.

I am also hoping to have some things to say about making art too. I have signed up for an art class in June and have been reviewing all my old sketchbooks and notebooks for some perspective and inspiration. I'm not sure yet exactly where I am headed, but I've always loved paper and documenting my life so I think some sort of fine art storytelling wrapped up in a handmade book is in order.

Finally, we'd love to move. Our need for more space isn't an issue yet, but it will be soon and we just don't feel that a renovation is something we want to do. We'd rather find an existing home with the space that we need, or build a new home that we can make exactly how we want it. So far, building a new home seems like it will be the best option in the long term. We have found some existing homes that have the space that we need, but that don't have the aesthetic that we like. Most homes are pretty traditional and finding a modern home with lots of light is almost impossible. 

So it seems that I may also writing about our adventures to build an affordable modern home. It's a process that I have some trepidations about, but I hope with proper planning and patience we can achieve our dream.

Could this be our new living room?