"I love my Mother because I do." / by Leslie

What can I say about being a mother that hasn't been said before? Probably nothing. Motherhood is such a ubiquitous state. Everyone has one and a lot of women are one.

What I love about motherhood and parenthood in general, is that despite how common it is, it is still such a unique and personal experience. No one can tell you how to be a mother, or what being a mother will be like. No one can properly prepare you for the crazy balance between loving and sometimes hating what is now your new world. A person's experience as a mother is defined by so many different things, your children's gender, your children's personality, your own personality, how patient you are, how calm, how disciplined.

And I don't think you can fully appreciate your own mother until you become a parent yourself. Until you realize just how much mothers have to do to raise their kids. Until you wake up at 3 am to care for a sick child who has just thrown up all over their bed. Until you have to drive them to the ER for stitches. Until they sing their first song on a stage. Until you get an unsolicited hug and kiss for no reason at all. Then you can understand your own mother and maybe get a glimpse of how she might feel and you can say thank-you again.

But saying thank-you is never really enough and it's also never really necessary. We don't become mothers for a thank-you. Being a mother is ultimately a selfless state. We care for our children because we want to see them happy. That is the thank-you. Happy, friendly, trusting, talented, smart kids. When someone compliments my kids, or when I see them do a wonderful thing, that pride that I feel is all the thanks that I need.


All that said though, a thank-you is always welcome. For school, Milo made a little jar with 10 reasons inside for why he loved me. Here are a few of them:

  • I love my Mother because she kisses and hugs me sometimes.

  • I love my Mother because she blows my nose.

  • I love my Mother because I do.

  • I love my Mother because she gives me food.

  • I love my Mother because she gets my animals and cars out for me to play with.

  • I love my Mother because she reads me books at night time.

Milo and Quinn also helped Chris pick out a beautiful pair of hoop earrings for me from Bloom Studios. I know that Milo will love seeing me wear them. 


The tag line written on the box is "Balance, Elegance, Strength" and I think that those are all important attributes for a Mother to have. Especially balance. The balance between caring for her children and caring for herself. The balance between the good moments and the bad. The balance between crazy times and quiet times. The balance between family time and alone time with your husband. It's all about the balance.

To all the mothers that I know, have a wonderful day and feel proud of the amazing children that you are raising or have raised. I admire all of you and thank you all for the support and camaraderie that you have given to me. Without other mothers I don't know what I would do. Knowing that we are all in this together makes it easier and who else will listen when I can't stop talking about my kids?!

And to my own Mother, I hope that I make you proud enough to make up for all the times that I didn't.

Happy Mother's Day.