A Few Good Dads / by Leslie

I'm married to a man who is a great father. The kids get so excited when Daddy gets home from work, they love to play with him for hours and recently Quinn has been preferring Daddy to read him books at night. Raising kids is hard work and I'm so glad that I get to share this challenge and reward with such a wonderful man.

Fathers_Day_04May 9, 2009: Chris relaxing down at the lake with Milo and Quinn. 

The New York Times published a great article last week, Father-Child Bonds in the Animal World, Special and Strange, about how primates use babies as a status symbol. It was really interesting how the Daddy monkeys parade around babies, even ones that are not their own, to gain respect in their group. 

I love to see a good dad. A dad who "wears" his baby, a dad who gets down on the ground with the kids, a dad alone at the park, a gentle dad, a generous dad, a dad who gets up in the middle of the night with the babies. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads that I know!

Happy Father's Day especially to my own Father and Father-in-law. You guys have set the example, you continue to be wonderful fathers and grandfathers and you should be proud.

Fathers_Day_03May 23, 2010: Chris's Dad on the left and my Dad on the right. Laughing together at Milo's 4th birthday.