Breakthru Films' Animated Peter and The Wolf / by Leslie

I have a deeply ingrained fondness for the music and story of Peter and the Wolf. When I was a little girl I had a Disney read-along book, the ones with a little 45 record in the back flap, and I would listen to it over and over again, turning the pages when the bells chimed. It might have been my first introduction to classical music. The book was made from the Disney animation, but I didn't see that until just recently. My memory is of the record and read-along book and it really imprinted on my brain. So much so, that as an adult, a few years ago I tracked it down on Ebay and purchased it, just so that I could see and hear it again. (Yes - we have a record player. Chris is a true music fan and loves old records.)

So, I was thrilled to discover a new version on Netflix of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. It is Breakthru Films' stop motion puppet animation, and it is utterly magical. There is no dialogue, the animation is very well done, the puppets are incredible and the eyes and expressions on Peter are breathtaking. I laughed and gasped and really enjoyed it. It's a wonderful interpretation and the kids enjoyed it too.

 It has won two major awards at the Annecy Festival and also recieved a BAFTA nomination. You will have to check out Netflix or your local video store to see the movie, but this is a great video that shows the making of the film.

Peter And The Wolf, The Making Of from Adrian Hedgecock on Vimeo.