Photos of the Winter Icicles / by Leslie

I've never seen so many icicles on the house before. There are 2 layers, both the front and the back of the gutters are covered. They are everywhere, not just in the places where we normally have problems. It reminds me of Vermont, or Canada. 

Quinn loves to eat snow. He threw himself face first in this snow drift and just stuck his face in. Now that's how to live life! Also - he insisted on wearing Milo's Batman rain jacket OVER his snowsuit. There was no talking him out of it, that's how he wanted to do it, so who am I to say otherwise?

Chris was out chopping wood. Doesn't he look cute in his lumberjack outfit? He's such a mountain man now. And Milo is big enough now to go stomping through the deep snow. Although just after I took this photo he lost his boot in a drift and was hopping around in his sock.

Aren't the icicles pretty? I wanted there to be a little more sunlight, but I think the overcast sky was better actually. This way the highlights weren't blown out and there is less contrast in the ice. I remember sucking on icicles as a kid in Canada. I'm not sure that I would do it now knowing how much dirt is actually in them!

 Hope you are enjoying winter and embracing the snow and ice. It doesn't last forever.