New Short Hair Cut: Pixie, Mop-Top or Shag? / by Leslie

I love change. I've been dreaming about cutting my hair since the summer and I finally did it. I am still getting used to it and I like it, but wow, it's a big change.

The last time it was this short might have been five years ago, before I had kids. Since then I grew it out long and I was loving the long flow-y hair, but I got bored. I was putting it up in a pony tail most days.

I knew I wanted it short with bangs, but longer in the back. I told the stylist (Amber at Changes) something like a short Joan Jett look. I think it's a bit like a 1960's rocker hairstyle (think Beatles or The Who), with the short bangs and long fringe in the back. It's also short like a pixie cut but a bit more choppy, like a shag. I can't really decide. But regardless of what it's called, I'm really starting to enjoy it as I figure out how to style it.

What do YOU think? Love it, hate it? Would you ever get your hair cut short?