New York at Night / by Leslie

I love New York. It's even better at night. The lights, the energy, the romanticism. These shots were taken in September when we went to see War Horse at the Lincoln Center for my birthday. It was a beautiful night. The show is an incredible production with amazing puppetry that bring two beautiful horses to life. In one dramatic scene, where Joey transforms from a foal to a grown horse, I was sobbing uncontrollably. It's intense, but it's the best kind of theater that moves you, educates you and amazes you.

We ate at Shun Lee, where Chris had flowers delivered to the table. Shun Lee is an up-scale Chinese restaurant, mouth-wateringly delicious and we had a special celebrity sighting at the bar in which I was almost face-to-face with Sophia Coppola. We also met an adorable older couple, long-time friends who were visiting each other after both being widowed. I hope they get married, they were so cute together.

New York makes me wonder and think and inspires me endlessly. I feel so lucky to live near such an amazing place that is so full of life. All these people, so close to each other and yet total strangers. I wanted to set up my camera, shoot all the beautiful and unique faces walking by and hear each person's story. They've all got one to tell. Besides that, where else would you see green grass scultped into a nature-defing swoop? Only in New York.