Jerry's 75th Birthday / by Leslie

This is the eleventh installment of the story of Jerry's Bone Marrow Transplant, which details my father-in-law's life saving bone marrow transplant at Johns Hopkins Cancer Center in Baltimore. Read the previous installment - Part Ten: Doing Exeptionally Well

My Father-in-law Jerry celebrated his 75th birthday last week!!

It's such a simple statement for most people, but for us it means a lot because just last year we didn't think we would be able to say those words. When Jerry was diagnosed with Richter's Transformation, the worst case scenario had him surviving for just a few months. It was a bit bleak. Through perseverance, never settling for anything but the best, lots of love and care from his family and friends and possibly sheer luck, Jerry was able to recover. His bone marrow transplant seems to be a success and he was taken off the last anti-rejection pills just last week. 

The fight is never over though and Jerry is still battling a rash that is a result of his immune system working on it's own. There is a chance he may have to go back on an anti-rejection pill if the rash doesn't get under control and he's also had a mild case of pneumonia that is lingering. But despite all that, it seems that his life is relatively back to normal. His hair has grown back, darker and wavier than before; he's going back into work almost every day; and he is socializing and going out for dinner more than ever before! Chris and I can't keep up with all the parties.

It's wonderful to see him happy and living his life again after all the changes that he had to endure to survive this. To come out on the other side, with Jerry still enjoying his life, is truly amazing. Too often life is gone before we notice, it slips away without enough attention to the details, or it is just taken from us. Jerry's story is a testament to what it sometimes takes to survive and the amount of love and hard work required from dozens of people, particularly his doctors and nurses, his wife Maddy and his children Gloria and Chris. I give him my immense respect and love and wish him many more years. 

Happy Birthday Jerry!


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