Milo's First Creative Writing Story / by Leslie

On Friday, I was working at the computer when Milo came up to me and asked if I would help him write a story. I was thrilled! I stopped everything and got him up on my lap and as he dictated I wrote down what he told me. I didn't make any suggestions and the only edit that I made was that most sentences began with "And then..." so I took those out. Otherwise, I was pretty impressed with his storytelling. I also asked him to draw a picture that illustrated the story.

Dad and I in the Woods - by Milo

Me and Dad were in the woods. We were bike riding down a hill and we saw something black. We went closer to see what it was, and then we went even closer. Dad felt it and it was soft. We shined our flashlight at it and it was a bear! We got off our bikes and we walked slowly backwards, pulling our bikes by the handles. The bear heard something loud. It was a tree falling. Dad and I jumped over the tree and hid on the other side. The bear thought we ran past him but we didn't and our hiding worked. The bear went away and he will never come back.



In the picture above, the bear is on the left with his big nose and sharp claws. Dad and Milo are on the right with the moon and the stars. I asked him where the trees were and he said it was too dark to see them.

I have a feeling that what he is learning in school is inspiring some of these advances. He is totally enjoying school and is coming home everyday with new skills. His coloring is improving, he is trying to sound out words and is also identifying the first letter of a word by how it sounds. It's truly amazing to see a child learning and to have the whole world of books and stories open up to them. We've always read books at home and I am so excited to have Milo telling his own stories.