Well, Hello Fall / by Leslie

Today was a gorgeous day in so many ways. I got the ball rolling on three different things that will make me a happier person. I had a wonderful lunch at the local Farm Market with my youngest son after I picked him up from preschool. He was on his best behavior, he listened to me and we had such a nice time! The weather was beautiful and the wind made everything smell lovely. We walked down the road to pick up my oldest off the school bus and fall is just starting to touch the trees around here. Walking back home with my two boys was just really nice. For all the time spent thinking and planning and dreaming, sometimes it's nice to just be in the moment.

Exposure: 1/250 secs at f/5.6, Focal Length: 70 mm, ISO: 100

Processing: Cropping, Exposure +0.60, Blacks +5, Vibrance +21, Saturation +3, Clarity -32