Pictures from Camp Mighty / by Leslie

Jill and I rented a Ford Mustang for the drive from LA to Palm Springs. What a fun car.

Anna and Amber. Such fun loving, awesome ladies.

Jen, Chris, Erica, Anne, Elaina, Robbie, Rebecca and Kate on a break from the speakers on Day Two.

My travelling buddy, roommate and friend in real life, Jill.

Kenna and Maggie discussing Summit on the Summit and doing good things that come from a personal place.

Our room was cozy and comfortable.

Beautiful Ellie.

We were in the hot tub for hours way past dark, while it was raining. I've never had a better time in the rain.

Both Kellianne and her son Niko were ADORABLE.

Well dressed ladies: Sarah, Susan and Evany.

Daytime hot tub in the rain. Lisa, Rebecca and Evany.

I did not spend enough time talking to these two lovely ladies, Heather and Amy.

Lisa gave us some great advice: Be a Nerd, Day Dream, Take Risks, Embrace the Suck, Show Up and Be True.

The Ace Hotel was amazing. I loved every detail.

Me with one of the event organizers, Laura. She rocks, in so many ways.

Megan and Mai doing a jump picture in front the ACE Hotel sign.

The fantastic wind farm outside of Palm Springs.

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Note: I didn't photograph the weekend as thoroughly as I would have liked. Sometimes it's difficult for me to be totally in the moment and to also photograph it. However, I knew that there would be other people taking pictures and so what I am lacking (like a picture of me in my authentic Space Camp flight suit! Here's another great one by Rebecca.) you can find in other places. For photographs of the Thursday night welcome party, first log into Facebook and then visit the Ecco Domani Facebook album, and for photographs of the first day's speakers and the Space Camp party visit Maggie's Camp Mighty Flickr stream.

I've got one more post coming up, about what I learned while I was there. Stay tuned.