The Tales of Camp Mighty / by Leslie

Stacy in the middle of some of the best conversation all weekend, with Kate, Elizabeth and Alice.

There are so many great posts about Camp Mighty 2011 that I'm breaking them out from my original post and making a post dedicated to THE TALES OF CAMP MIGHTY. Cue thunder, or applause, or the crack of someone sabering off the top of a champagne bottle. There are some great insights to be had, if you are so inclined.

Listen, if you weren't there, we wish you had been. We missed every single person who couldn't come. But attending Camp Mighty is not the only way to learn from this event. Read these posts and you will begin to see some of the themes from the weekend. You can also write your own life list, share it with people close to you, choose five goals and even buy yourself the necklace! There are many ways to get to the same place, but in the meantime, read, and hopefully be inspired.

These are in no particular order, other than maybe the order that I found them in. I'll be adding new ones as they crop up at the bottom.

Cecily at Babble's Mom Crunch ⇒ Report From Camp Mighty
and at Uppercase Women ⇒ Intention 
Cecily embodies the idea of "Be True." She is unapologetically herself and was exactly how I imagined she would be in real life: Awesome. She also introduced me to Alice when I was overcome with nerves and felt like a total dork.

Speaker Lisa Congdon ⇒ Camp Mighty
I only recently became aware of Lisa's story and artwork and it was a pleasure to meet her and ask questions about her success. She totally inspires me.

Amy at Just a Titch ⇒ Camp Mighty Recap
Amy was super sweet and this girl has got style! I love her hair and earings and dresses and shoes.

Heather at Dooce ⇒ Recovery and Embracing the Pain
Heather and her husband Jon rented a Mustang and clearly, they got the idea from Jill and I. Probably not true, but we did have a nice chat with them right before we left about cars! Or rather Jill and Jon talked about cars and I just smiled and nodded my head. Of course afterwards Jill and I were going bananas and all fan girly about chatting with Heather and Jon and they were probably like, "Who the heck was that??!!"

Anna at Positively Anna ⇒ Mightier Than Ever
Anna is WAY funnier than her blog lead me to believe. This girl had me laughing all weekend.

Andrea at Four Flights of Fancy ⇒ The Rundown and Camp Mighty in Pictures
My first impression of Andrea was that she was so tall! And stylish! And I am not! But then she was also really sweet and nice and I totally fell in love.

Jules at Pancakes and French Fries ⇒ Camp Mighty
I would love to sit and have coffee with Jules. This girl knows what's up.

Megan at Not Martha ⇒ Camp Mighty!
Megan is simply the sweetest, most genuine person I've met. She brought me a champagne punch in the hot tub and we shared a whiskey sour in the bar. OMG. She was my drinking buddy too! High five Megan!

Erica at The Elbow ⇒ Camp Mighty in Pictures and Camp Mighty: ALL the Details and The Rest of the Details
Erica was so amazing, she's from Canada, has beautiful eyes and tons of positive energy. (Of course she did! She's Canadian, like me!)

Jen Epting ⇒ Staying Gold
Jen and her husband Chris were two people who I met within minutes at the welcome party, and I spent time with them on and off all weekend. They were just totally open and happy and I'm so glad to call them friends.

Meg at Megasmom ⇒ Camp Mighty
I didn't meet these awesome girls! How did THAT happen?

Eden at Fussy ⇒ Day Eleven and Day Twelve and Day Fourteen
Eden looks familiar to me. I decided she looks like my midwife, so every time I saw her I got a cue (shout out to Buster there) to relax and feel happy. Awesome.

Sarah at SAWK Photography ⇒ Albumus Morbus and A Mighty Post, in Theme and in Length
Sarah and I had a great chat in the hot tub about the business of photography. Loved her insights.

Ellie at Things I Ate in General ⇒ Not At All About Food
Ellie was beautiful in so many ways. I loved her look and her quiet but bold presence. Her Mom Kate was super awesome too.

Becca at Stumble and Leap ⇒ Small and Factors in Success: Mental Grit
I love what Becca writes about how HARD putting together a life list can be. It's so important to acknowledge that this isn't always easy.

Meg at A Practical Wedding ⇒ Camp Mighty: Dusting Off Our Power
I watched Meg dance with abandon to The Ton Tons at the welcome party. She took her shoes off.

Margit at What's Your System ⇒ System: Make A Life List
Margit and I bonded over a weird meditation session in the Yurt in which we did not actually meditate.

Amber at The Amber Show ⇒ Camp Mighty 2011 Summed Up
Amber was one of the warmest people there. She told me to sit with her at lunch and said "Hi Beautiful!" in the hot tub. I will always love her.

Heather at No Pasa Nada ⇒ Taking the Bull by the Horns
I got a lovely picture of Heather. Heather is smart about politics and I am not.

Holly at Nothing but Bonfires ⇒ True Life: I Was a Pregnant Alien
I mostly hung out with Holly while she was a pregnant alien or in a bathing suit. It was THAT kind of weekend. She was super cute and really funny.

Susan at The Working Closet ⇒ The View from Camp Mighty and Go Do Stuff
I did not spent enough time with Susan!

Alice at Finslippy ⇒ Happy Camper
Alice was one of those admired bloggers with a large following who, upon meeting her, made me feel like we were old friends and I was not just a nerdy fan girl. I loved her.

Maggie at Mighty Girl ⇒ Camp Mighty in Your Words
Maggie, of course, popularized the idea of the life list years ago and was the event's co-organizer. She is one of the mighty-est of us all and during the weekend agreed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Kenna to bring clean water to people who don't have it. Whoa.

Asha at Babble Voices ⇒ If you write it, they may come...true
I only spent one short snack time talking with Asha, but she was wonderful and seemed to have so much insight on everything.

Caleb at The Exceptional Man ⇒ When (Some) Guys (Sort Of) Invaded Camp Mighty
I did not meet this exceptional man, but he sounds like a smart one!

Rebecca at Reinventing Rebecca  ⇒ Realizations and Camp Mighty
Rebecca was awesome. She's smart and calm and interested in telling other people's stories of reinvention. I love that.

Annie at Amusing Pursuits  ⇒ A Mighty Good Time and Camp Mighty part two: life lists
This lovely lady knows how to put her hair in a bee hive and wear beautiful vintage dresses in bright colors. Need I say more? I want to make an Annie paper doll.

Laura at Blog con Queso ⇒ Camp Mighty
Co-organizer extraordinaire, Laura set the tone for Camp Mighty, down to every single detail. None of us will ever know everything she did to make this weekend a reality, but we can all guess it was a lot. I made sure to hug her every chance I got.

Matt at Matt Binkowski ⇒ A Mighty Eye Opening Experience
I like a man who can write a life list! Three cheers for the men of Camp Mighty, the world needs more of them.

Jessica at RonckyTonk ⇒ Camp Mighty the First Night
I wanted to spend time with Jessica, but it never happened. Hopefully we can connect online.

Cassie at She Posts ⇒ Conference Recap: Camp Mighty
I gave Cassie some Advil for her headache and her headache went away. This might have been one of my greatest accomplishments all weekend.

Laurie at Laurie Writes ⇒ Life List 2011
Loved meeting Laurie in person after reading her blog and her story in The Beauty of Different.

Finally, here are my posts ⇒ My Camp Mighty Top TenPictures from Camp Mighty and Five Goals for the Year

If this STILL isn't enough and you want to tune in to what people who attended Camp Mighty are chatting about and doing post-camp, be sure to check out and follow the Camp Mighty twitter list. People are doing amazing things already! Susan () ran a half marathon, Sarah (@LocalBites) created a home office, Mai (@mai) helped paint a mural and got help in locating a lost friend to send a gratitude letter to (I asked my super sleuth husband to do a little investigating for me and we were able to verify some information that she got from another camper), Amber (@theambershowbooked her ticket to Hawaii and *I* got my family portraits done. 

If you have a post to contribute, and I didn't include it, SORRY! Please let me know and I'll be sure to add it.