Camp Mighty Talks: Brian Piotrowicz / by Leslie

I'm going to share my sketchbook with you, specifically the pages that I am making, from the notes that I took, during the talks at Camp Mighty. I am a touch shy about these, there is a "stomach-is-in-my-throat" kind of feeling about my sketches not being good enough or some crap like that, SO BE KIND TO ME. I am not sharing them because I think the drawings themselves are super awesome, (though I do like the city I drew, what do you think?) but because the messages are awesome and I want to spread these seeds around to people who were not in Palm Springs with me. I'm sure some of you are all Camp-Mightied out, and believe me, I kind of am too, but here's the thing: It would be easy to just move on or continue doing what I was doing before, but I got so many great messages over that weekend, that I am STILL processing them. I want to sit with these messages a while longer, mull them over and really absorb them. 

Brian Piotrowicz was a co-producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show and is now a producer on the OWN channel. He's learned a lot working with Oprah and while I've never sat down to watch her daytime shows, I admire her and I am trying to study her a little, watching her Life Classes and Master Classes on OWN. I am looking forward to her Next Chapter shows, as they seem to be digging deep and looking for the hearts of some important people and issues. But, back to Brian. He was really sweet and charming and it seemed that his message resonated with a lot of people. Even if you can't get into the "feel good, let's cry" nature of the content he is producing, the idea that everything we do should be driven by intention is an easy one to grasp. He went one step further though and emphasized that it's important to focus on positive intentions because whatever we put out into the world comes back to us in spades. So, be good y'all.

Update! ⇒ Watch Brian's interview with Maggie on the Camp Mighty Vimeo Channel.

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