Cut Paper Art / by Leslie

I was inspired by Lisa Congdon, who is attending Camp Mighty with me next week, to make this cut paper collage. I've got another one in the works and I look forward to exploring some additional patterns and techniques. I love the process of cutting paper and looking at colors and shapes to see how they might fit together. I've got boxes and boxes of paper ephemera and I could make good use of them making things like this.

It's similar to the weaving that I was doing with fabric last year. I'm not done with that project, I finally shipped some barn wood from the family farm to use as frames for them. I'm kind of excited about the winter actually, so that I can have some down time at home to just play with the materials I have been collecting and the ideas that I have.

What do you like to play with? For me, making art has play at it's heart and is very meditative to me. It's very different from the photography work that I do. Working on puzzles is a similar pursuit and I also like to play with words and letters by doing crosswords. I just like to play with life, really. I love the idea of taking representations of life or artifacts of life and remixing them into something else. I guess that's the reason I am drawn to collage and mixed media.

What kind of art are you drawn to? Do you make art? Why do you make art? If you haven't tried it, you should.