Camp Mighty Talks: Evany Thomas / by Leslie

Yesterday we looked at our first Camp Mighty speaker Brian Piotrowicz. Our second speaker was Evany Thomas, a content strategist at Facebook.

Evany was adorable on stage, maybe a little nervous, but all the cuter for it. She talked about "How To Do Things That We Fear", like attend a cuddle party, and emphasized that we can do ANYTHING for 3 hours. ANYTHING. Hearing her talk about her experiences at the cuddle party was hilarious and one of the highlights of the weekend for me. So, so funny. If you should ever find yourself in a similar situation I hope you can go though it with the same grace and understanding that she did. Her biggest lesson from it was one of the rules of the cuddle party (of which there are many.) SAY NO. If something doesn't feel right, say no. Practice saying no. It's ok to say no. She realized that by being ALLOWED to say no, she actually said YES more. Funny how that works, isn't it? 

Evany used awesome examples like women's body building, a yo-yo championship, and her grandfather's Barbershop Group to illustrate her points about practicing otherly love. She has a wonderment with the world that I totally LOVE. If everyone appreciated the world the way she does, it would be a much happier place. She also told us a really sweet story about veering off course and happening upon a high-school performance of Cats, in which a slightly overweight boy in a tight leotard turned 12 perfect pirouettes to increasing applause and excitement from the audience. She called him sausage boy, but we all knew she really loved him and what he represented. If we end up in a place we didn't expect to be, rather than be upset about it, embrace it and look for the magical moments you might have otherwised missed.

Everyone seemed to especially love her point about "Being Gold". When faced with a life changing or challenging decision, she suggests choosing the path in which you can be the best version of yourself. Instead of leaning into the safe and the easy, lean into the best version of yourself, the brightest, shiniest and the most valuable. Be Gold people. Be Gold.

Update! ⇒ Watch Evany's talk on the Camp Mighty Vimeo Channel.

Next is Buster Benson, who explained to us all that in order to change our life and our habits we must fight our brain chemistry. Hardly a fair fight, but he does have some great advice.