The Beauty of Different by Karen Walrond / by Leslie

Photo by Karen Walrond.

I previously mentioned this book briefly in my New Year's post, but I wanted to wait until I had finished reading it to post something more in depth. And now Karen has a new video and a giveaway to win an autographed copy! To win a copy of the book, head on over to her site and leave a comment on the post, and to remind yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, watch the video. 

The Beauty of Different is a very special book, full of wisdom, love and beauty. It outlines an approach to living a happy life that focuses on and celebrates those things deep in our souls that are beautiful. This book will inspire you and remind you of what really matters.

We've all heard about living authentically, but what does that really mean? To Karen Walrond, it means celebrating the different, unique and imperfect parts of ourselves. It's about being courageous and bold and standing up to difficult moments. It's about seeing and respecting things that are not like us and it's about living a life that is true to our deepest desires and dreams.

All of the people that she features are remarkable in that they are honest and true and they have faced their fears. Her photographs perfectly capture the spark and energy that these people possess. The colorful, abstract close-ups of flowers that break up the portraits are also gorgeous and reinforce the idea of individuality and beauty. 

My favorite moments of reading the book were when I saw myself in the pages, when I said, I've done that or I've felt that way. But of course I was also looking for inspiration. Karen encourages us to learn other languages and visit other cultures to learn tolerance and respect. I would certainly like to do this more, especially with the kids.

I loved what she had to say about staying young by living in the moment, embracing adventures and change, becoming clear on what you value and what characteristics you celebrate within yourself. She talks about the challenges of difficult moments in our lives and how those moments show us our strength. We must face our fears, "put our face in" and embrace our "shadows". Flaws should be celebrated, they help to remind us that nothing is perfect. 

So, how are you different? What is your power? I'd love to hear what you think.