Sending Love and A Happy Valentine's (and maybe a swear word too, but not at you) / by Leslie

We had a wonderful day, up until the moment that I tried to edit a ton of photos I had from the weekend and share them with you! This should have been a simple thing, but I decided to move my iMac first, from where it was to another spot. Just like the advice to never move a fridge, you should never move a computer. Once I set it up in it's new spot, it refused to start up. No fan sounds, no lights, just nothing. I checked all the obvious things, like the outlet and the power bar. It could be the power cord, but I don't have a spare. I tried opening it up, but I was seriously afraid of breaking it, and honestly, the frustration that comes with computer troubles for me is too much to bear when I am also taking care of my children. 

Poor Milo said to me, "It's hard to have kids sometimes, isn't it Mom?" Ah, shoot. That made me stop in my tracks and I had to explain that it wasn't them, but the $*&$%*# computer that was sending me over the edge. What an empathetic kid though. I knew I had to regroup after that comment.

So ANYWAY. The afternoon sucked. I may be out a computer and also possibly two months of photos which for some unknown reason were not being saved to my external drive, like I thought. They were being backed up though, so I should be able to find them, but they weren't where they were supposed to be. I tried to hook up the laptop to my external drives but that seems fraught with issues too. 

BUT!!!! The weekend was wonderful, with a birthday party for a good friend on Saturday and a date afternoon for Chris and I on Sunday. We had a super delicious lunch (I had photos to share, hopefully I will recover them and I can share them later) and we saw the movie The Fighter, which was incredible. We really loved it.

Today we woke up to a few little gifts for each other and I took photos of the kids then Milo came home from school with a bag full of candy and chocolate and little cards from his school mates. Again, I took photos, but I wasted so much time trying to fix the computer that I just ran out of time to edit them. Here is just one:

So, this post was supposed to be filled with beautiful photographs of Valentine's and instead it's filled with me complaining and swearing. Sorry about that. But hey, that's my life today. At least I got two pictures up!!

I will say that our SWEETEST Valentine was from a little friend of Milo and Quinn's, who made Valentine's over the weekend out of hearts and paints and FEATHERS. And then hand delivered them this morning! Hand delivered!! I was so thrilled to see our friends at the door and bearing lollipops. Quinn greeted them without pants, but that's how it goes when you are two, you can do that and it's totally ok.

And also a very Happy Birthday to Cole today, who is six, and who was named as THE ONE PERSON that Milo wanted as a Valentine. (Sorry Grandma, I was waiting for my name to be called too, but Cole did give him cookies over the weekend, so maybe that's why.)

So my day of LOVE and HATE continues with hopefully only LOVE. Next are plans to cook Braised Pork Chops with Cherry Sauce from the Williams Sonoma Simple Suppers book. I love this book lately. It's got so many great and easy meat recipes, it's always easy to just whip up a salad and a starch like potatoes or rice to go along with it. (Just a reminder that none of my posts are sponsored, if I mention a product or book or something you can BUY, it's because I like it and not because I am getting paid.)

Tomorrow Chris will take the computer to Apple and we will see what they say. I hope it's just the power cord. $*&$%*# computer.

Now, I am off to mix myself a DRINK, because I really need it and because someone else with a blog introduced me to Whiskey Sours and needs the empty Bourbon bottle for her wedding. Sounds too crazy to be true? Nope. Read all about it at A Girl and A Boy. Besides the bourbon, they have a sweet little marriage/wedding story going on now, so totally appropriate Valentine's Day reading.

Hope you had a good one, I'm sure it was better than mine. Please tell me about it! 

Oh and did you SEE Arcade Fire on the Grammy's last night? Amazing. I was tweeting up a storm on twitter and wondered if Eminem ever smiles and was amazed to see Rhianna wearing Amanda Palmer's Map of Tasmania panties. What? It is Valentine's after all. A little dirtyness is called for. Right?