Grandma's Knit Eagle Sweaters and Pickle Recipe / by Leslie

I've been waiting for these sweaters to fit the boys at the same time. My Grandma, Iris, knit them for my sister and I when we were about the same age as the boys are (4 and 2). Aren't they awesome? The colors are so 70's and the eagle is just so cool. 

My Grandma was a crafty lady, she sewed quilts, knit sweaters and canned pickles. She had this fantastic garden that I remember playing hide and seek in and eating raspberries right off the bush in the summer. 

I tried to get my Grandma's pickle recipe the last time I was visiting with her, but she hasn't made them in so long and never really had a recipe to begin with, that the best I could get was a few printed recipes in the community recipe book from back then. My aunt said they would be similar.

My favorite thing about my Grandma's pickles was that she would put a few carrots in each jar. Those carrots were fought over at Christmas time when everyone was over, or at least it seemed that way to me. I would sneak a carrot out of the dish before anyone sat down for dinner.

Let me know if you make them ok? I figure it's going to take a few tries to get it right and some combination of the three recipies above. I've never made pickles before, but when I attempt this project, I will be sure to photograph it and report back. Thank you to Mrs. Manske, Mrs. Scherer, Mrs. Weiss and to my Grandma.