Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers": What's the Story? / by Leslie

Maybe it's all the time I've been spending over the last few weeks in my own head, writing and imagining scenes, but this video from Lykke Li (pronounced "licky lee") has mesmerized me. I feel like I need to create a back story for this video. It's so amazing. Watch it, then scroll down for my break down.

So initially, I was not all that impressed with the video, it seemed so literal, the girl following the guy. But then there is that moment where the music stops and you hear her breathing and all of a sudden I was the girl. When the music starts again and she starts running, I caught my breath.

She's like a ghost in the billowing black shroud. I imagined she was mad at him, they had a fight and he ran away and she was chasing him and was going to attack him, but that seems too simple. I thought, "she can't run in those shoes," and then she fell and took them off and continued running barefoot in the snow. What a beautiful thing. Running barefoot in the snow. No one does that. 

She catches up to him and I am waiting for the attack, but he turns to her and he looks so sad, and then he cries. Why does a man cry? It's heartbreaking. What happened to this man? And she touches his face and kisses him and I'm crying now too. But then! That look at the end, where she looks at the camera. What secret is she keeping? Who is she?

Ahhh. I love it. 

Can you tell me? What story can you imagine behind this video? On Youtube, crstrong78 wrote, "The guy was a soldier. The woman in black´╗┐ was someone he killed and felt regret for killing. He is being chased by the memory of her ghost until he can't go no further and relents to the sorrow of his sins. Her kiss which he is initially unwilling to accept seems to present forgiveness, but the last glance lets us know it's the kiss of death."

Some side notes: My husband Chris loves her other song, Get Some. Watch that one too, it's good. Doesn't Lykke Li look like Lady Gaga? I thought it was Lady Gaga at first, doing some side project, but apparently not. Here's her official website, I love how it's black and white! How unusual and cool.