For Earth Day: Watch "The Mountain" by Terje Sorgjerd / by Leslie

For Earth Day today, you must watch this incredible video by Terje Sorgjerd. I saw it posted at Karen's site a couple of days ago, and his Aurora video is also worth a look. He captures such beautiful images. My favorite part is the rolling clouds at 00:45, they look like water.

Watching this video just reminds me how wondrous, breathtaking and beautiful our little planet is. It is getting harder and harder to find perfectly untouched pieces of nature. The U.S. National Park Service is a great place to discover our national parks and get involved. In Canada, you can visit Parks Canada and get involved there too. Visiting our national parks is a fantastic way to spend the summer, getting out into nature is a wonderful way to relax and spend time with your kids. Go camping or hiking and teach them to admire and cherish our natural world. So much of our time is spent "plugged in" and "wowed", it's so important to disconnect and listen to nature.