Typography at the B&O Railroad Museum / by Leslie

There is nothing better than industrial lettering. At the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore I found so many spectacular examples I could not put my camera down. The colors and styles of lettering were bold and eye catching, meant to be seen and read while a train is zipping by.

From Wikipedia:

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (reporting marks B&O, BO) was one of the oldest railroads in the United States and the first common carrier railroad. It came into being mostly because the city of Baltimore wanted to compete with the newly constructed Erie Canal (which served New York City) and another canal being proposed by Pennsylvania, which would have connected Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In 1827, twenty-five merchants and bankers studied the best means of restoring "that portion of the Western trade which has recently been diverted from it by the introduction of steam navigation." Their answer was to build a railroad—one of the first commercial lines in the world.