Bone Marrow Transplant: Team Jerry Hat Winners / by Leslie

This is the seventh installment of the story of Jerry's Bone Marrow Transplant, which details my father-in-law's life saving bone marrow transplant at Johns Hopkins Cancer Center in Baltimore. Read the previous installment - Part Six: Updates and Jokes for Jerry

The random number generator spit out the numbers 5 and 11. The winners of Team Jerry hats are Lorraine and Debbie! Congratulations. I'll be contacting you for your hat colors this week. Thank you to everyone who submitted jokes!! Jerry enjoyed them all and got some good laughs.

I also got a great shot of Maddy and Jerry together today at our Easter lunch.

Don't they look great? Jerry was able to take off his mask for a bit and we had a wonderful lunch with the family. We are heading home tomorrow and are happy to be leaving with Jerry feeling well. Maddy and Jerry will be here until the end of May, being monitored and going to the hospital everyday for tests and treatment. Here's hoping that things continue to go well.

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