The National Aquarium in Baltimore / by Leslie

In Baltimore last week, we took the kids to the National Aquarium. We all had a blast seeing the sharks, fish and dolphins. There are two massive buildings, connected by a walkway, right on the Harbor. It was interesting how you walked through the building, at times seeing glimpses of all the levels at once, and there were opportunities to view some of the tanks from multiple places. When you first walk in, the manta ray tank is viewable from above and then later, you can watch them from windows below the water level. It's a neat place to visit, though I will complain that it was very crowded and hot when we were there on the Saturday of Easter weekend.

The second building is the dolphin area and it was the first time that I got to see a dolphin show. This one was very subdued though, because a baby had just been born and they wanted to keep the volume low while she got used to her new home. I just checked the site and it looks like the dolphin shows are canceled today as there is another baby dolphin on it's way! I'm not surprise because after the show, while I was watching the dolphins playing in the tank right next to me, I saw a little x-rated action! There is a randy male dolphin in that tank!!

The two photos above are courtesy of Chris's sister Gloria. Quinn fell asleep at the end of the show and I had to carry that sack of potatoes outside to a bench. He had done that the day before too. We didn't bring our stroller because we did not have room in the car and most of the time Quinn likes to walk anyway, but it really could have come in handy then. Chris couldn't carry him because his back is still sore from the bone marrow donation. The two photos below are from outside the Aquarium and show the Australian exhibit on the left, which we didn't make it to, and the Chesapeake boat on the right.