A Raleigh MXR Mini and a CCM Marauder / by Leslie

Last Fall, when Milo was just four years and four months, he learned how to ride a bike all on his own. He had gotten a Kazam push bike without peddles for his fourth birthday in May and in those four months he learned how to balance and then in September, on Quinn's birthday, was able to ride a bike with peddles all on his own.

The bike he learned on was probably the smallest you could buy and so when it started get warm this spring and we took it out, his knees were hitting the handle bars. A few weeks ago we took him to get a new bike, a Raleigh MXR Mini, for an early birthday present and here are some photos of him riding it! I'm so proud of him and I look forward to going on longer bike rides with him. 

I think I was five when I got *MY* first bike, a CCM Marauder. Way cool, right? I remember my first ride on that beast. I could barely touch the pedals and had to really stretch to hold the handle bars. It was such a triumph though, balancing and riding around the block.

I have proof too. Can you imagine? There is me with my puffy red winter jacket, it was spring and still cold, an unknown tan cat at my feet and my arm proudly resting on the sky-high banana seat complete with a sissy bar. I think I might have used the steps to get on and push off, or tilted it way to the side or something. Actually, I have no idea how I rode it. I remember my Dad finding it in someone's junk pile, but my Mom says that she bought it out of the newspaper. The front tire was way smaller than the back tire and it was a boy's wheelie bike that was way too big for me, but it was what I had, so I learned to use it. I wish I had it today, it's just so utterly cool looking. I think maybe I was teased about it and I didn't ride it very long, but I don't remember what I got next. This is the bike I remember.

When we were in the shop, buying Milo his first bike, I was so excited for him. I never had a new bike and I was so happy buying him one. I wonder what he will remember of these early days. It's so vivid in my mind, my first rides. I hope he doesn't remember the falls, but the wind in his hair.