Milo's Art / by Leslie

At the beginning of the year, Milo started taking an art class at his preschool on Friday afternoons. We wanted him to have one long day so that he could eat lunch at school and get ready for full days at kindergarten next year. He loves the class and I am so thrilled with the things he has been bringing home. 

I have noticed his art skills improving dramatically and I'm so happy to see him enjoying this process. He's so proud of the things that he has made and when he is free drawing at home I can see him applying the things that he is learning and being creative. It wasn't so long ago that he would just scribble and it's been so neat to see him beginning to draw faces and figures and patterns.

His teacher, Miss Jenn, has a traditional art and design background and she is really teaching these kids some fun techniques and getting some of the basics of art history in there as well. If you are in the Warwick area, and are interested in the preschool that Milo goes to, please email me directly (there is an email form you can fill out in you click the "Email Me" link up in the navigation bar.) I'm happy to share the information, I just don't want to do it here in the public space.

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