At the Lake and a Big Pile of Sand / by Leslie

Late in the afternoon last week, a friend of mine tipped me off to the fact that a large truck load of sand had just been delivered to Wawayanda, our local State park that has a beautiful lake and beach area. She told me I HAD to take the boys after I told her how much fun they had in a mud puddle the day before. There were just a few hours before Chris would be home from work and it was a 20 minute drive away, so I put the chicken pot pie in the oven and we headed out for a very last minute, no frills, hour-long trip to the beach.

It's still a bit too cold to swim and there isn't a life guard or swim area set up yet, so I told the boys we were just going to play in the sand. Of course, we couldn't resist dipping our toes into the water and even though I asked them to only go as deep as their knees, before I knew it they were completely soaked. Quinn fell in the water at one point (see the video below) and by then it was a lost cause! I thought it was super cute that they held their shorts up to try to keep them dry, even after they were totally wet.

Even though I had asked them to try to stay dry, I knew it wasn't likely to happen. They were having such fun and I so enjoyed watching them play together that I couldn't possibly be mad about them getting so wet and dirty. It's just a little water and sand after all, nothing that can't be cleaned up. It was the same with the mud puddle. Quinn was covered in mud from head to toe and I literally hosed him off, but it was worth it for the joy I could see in his face when he squished the mud in his hands and between his toes.

Anyway - it's my favorite time to go to the beach; when it isn't too hot, no one is there, and I don't have to cart a bunch of stuff for the whole afternoon. It was just a casual trip to enjoy the sand and the water. Milo and Quinn were such buddies, playing together side by side the whole time. I love being able to step back to just let them be together, summer is so wonderful for all the time we get to spend outside. It really does make everything easier, they rarely fight when we are outside, it's just all smiles and fun.