Inspired by a Spirograph / by Leslie

I had a Spirograph as a kid, did you? As an adult I got that nostalgic lust for something I had as a child and I found a vintage set on Ebay, see below. It's beautiful. I love everything about it. It's not the one that I had though, apparently there were many versions out there (the 9th one down, Kenner circa 1976, looks familiar.) I love the intersection of art and math and the creation of spirally, sunburst shapes. They make me happy.

The collage above was created using Montage-a-Google with an image search for spirograph art.

Recently, on the website SwissMiss, I saw a human Spirograph. His name is Tony Orrico and it's quite interesting how he creates his artwork, using his body and a meditative state to create these beautiful patterns. The floor series in the video below is very true to the spirit of the Spirograph. Some of his other work is a little different, like the series where he stands at the wall and makes marks that look like a brain scan when he is finished, but it employs the same principles of having a confined area to make marks and using a set of rules for how to move and make the marks. It's beautiful what he can do with body movements and a pencil.


I also found these amazing pieces of jewelery, by French company Miette, inspired by the same patterns. I love the colors in the necklaces below.

I love this post about Spirograph by Suzanna Scott on her blog Sushi Pot. She scanned all the individual patterns from the same instruction book that I have and made them nice and big. I think the illustration below of how to use the plastic wheels is gorgeous.

What do these shapes and colors remind you of? Is it a novelty or is it art? What inspires you?