Milo's Preschool Graduation Video / by Leslie

I'm so proud of Milo, for everything he learned over the last two years, for the friends that he made, for the way he engages with his teachers and for the wonderful, joyous kid that he is. His graduation ceremony was a fantastic day. Mrs. Sue, Mrs Terry, Mrs G, Mrs Sherry and Mrs Jen did a wonderful job and they have been amazing teachers for Milo. I was keeping it together until they cued the music that is in the video, the song "Child of Mine" by Carole King. I totally choked up and it happened again when I was editing the video! I hope the Belle & Sebastian song "Another Sunny Day" and the Daft Punk the song "Voyager" make you smile more than cry!! And thank you to Adela for the picture of Milo getting his diploma! Quinn decided to climb on my lap right at that point, so all I have of that moment is some shaky underexposed video. Perhaps this is more for the grandparents than anyone else, but maybe you'll enjoy it too.