Late Night Out at a Brooklyn Party / by Leslie

Last Saturday we dropped the kids off with Chris's sister, setting aside worries we had about their two huge husky dogs, and headed into Brooklyn for a rare night out. I think the last time we went out for a late evening was in Boston to see Amanda Palmer in Cabaret.

It's hard for us to leave our kids. We miss them, we worry about them, and up until just a short while ago it was still hard for our youngest, Quinn, to be away from us at night. While we were in Boston, he had a pretty rough night with my Mom. This time though, he was pretty content with his aunt and uncle and there wasn't any crying during the night. Ya Hoo! I believe we may be able to finally make a habit of this. 

We were in Brooklyn for the 11th Anniversary of our French friends Fred and Zoe. They certainly know how to throw a party! Fred and Zoe are that couple that is sexy, in love and full of energy. It's so fun to celebrate their marriage with them. There was great food and dancing and we stayed late and reveled in our night out on the town. 

We were excited to see old friends and we met a bunch of new friends, some experienced city parents, who were interested in our country living, especially the part about the bears right outside our front door! It was an interesting contrast, this city-country thing. As much as I miss the city and dream about living there, I do love my life out here where things are a bit simpler. It's quieter and I think my life is less stressful. The kids love it and I think being surrounded by nature is important when you are young. So while all those city parents are grateful to be in the city where there are no bears, I'm grateful to be where I am too. Although we agreed a little house swapping might not be a bad idea.

So it was a grand night out on the town, a great success and I hope we can do it again. I am thrilled that the kids are old enough to happily be away from us for a night. Could this mean that we could plan a weekend away? That would be bliss.